3 Best Projector for Home India 2021

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If you are looking for a personal projector but facing a problem in deciding the right one for yourself then you are at the right place here is the list of the best 3 Smart Andriod projector for Home.

List of Best 3 Projector for home in India 2021

Egate I9 projector smart anriod Projector

Everycom X7 LED PRojector

Boss S7 Smart andriod Projector for home/Office

1. Egate I9 projector smart anriod Projector

Egate I9 projector smart anriod Projector
Egate I9 projector smart anriod Projector

Egate i9 projector is the most trusted brand of the era with the same Robust and Indianized Design. Egate I9 classic projector has HD 720 native resolution which ensures a bigger screen of 120” and better brightness. Designed to deliver a delicate balance of quality and affordability for home cinema. Egate I9 projector fits in any corner of the room easily and gives accurate image and consistent color performance.

Egate I9 projector classic Andriod projector gives you 3 times sharper images. with ample brightness of 2100L/180ANSI it is the best home projector to grab. It has an inBuilt Andriod system that unlocks unlimited possibilities like direct Netflix, Gmail, Browsing, and much more. Andriod system allows you to connect to the world via inbuilt Wi-fi and Bluetooth. To use this home projector you don’t need to use messy wire and Pc. It has an In-Built Speaker to deliver high-quality sound.

Egate I9 projector is the only projector in this segment that allows both horizontal and vertical keystone correction which results in sharp and clear corners while the other projectors in this segment come with only manual vertical trapezoid correction which results in a blurred corner.

This means you can put it in the convenient corner to get a sharp and clear rectangular image, so you don’t need to put this projector in front of the screen. This Projector has a powerful Quad-core Processor.

2. Everycom X7 LED PRojector For Home

Everycom X7 LED PRojector for home
Everycom X7 LED PRojector

If you want to bring a private theatre to your home then Everycom X7 LED PRojector is best for you. This Projector has a big and bright screen of 120 inches which can be projected at the distance between 1.2M and 3.8M and is designed to deliver fabulously detailed quality images. This projector has a 15-degree keystone feature that allows you to get more focused images.

You can manually adjust the focus of the image with the help of the focus wheel provided in the front and the keystone correction ring located in the rear you can use simultaneously until to get crystal clear images. Every LED projector for home has an In-Built speaker that delivers quality sound.

Everycom home projector has multiple ports including HDMI, USB, SD card, VGA, and AV ensuring greater connectivity for a wide range of devices. Setup box connectivity feature allows you to watch your favorites Tv channels on a big screen. You can directly connect your setup box with the projector.

You can also use Fire TV/ Chromecast / HDMI adapter or Mirror your phone screen to this projector. This Projector support 1080p resolution wirelessly. It is recommended to use the projector
in the darkroom for better performance.

Everycom projector is also compatible with Camera and Tablet tripod stand, this projector can easily be mounted to the ceiling and has an impressive lamp life of 20,000 hours. so that you can enjoy many years of use without replacing the light bulb of the projector is tested and certified by the government quality standard i.e. BIS. Everycom projector comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Boss S7 Smart Andriod Projector for home/Office

Boss S7 Smart Andriod Projector for home/Office

Boss S7 Smart Andriod Projector for home has a wide range of connectivity for android phones, Pc, Laptop, Tablet, Tv set-top-box with ultra HD Support. It is ideal for home entertainment such as Photos, games, Movies, presentation. Focus wheel is also provided to get a sharper image. The keystone feature of the smart android projector allows you to avoid blurred corners. The boss projector can project Ultra HD, 4k, 3D videos without compromising the quality.

This smart android projector has a Quad-Core processor that allows you to do things on a big screen that you can do on your android mobile phones. It also has an in-Built speaker to provide quality sound. Various connection options are also available to offer flexible connectivity can easily Connect computer/laptop, mobile, USB, DTH both normal and HD, joystick, DVD player, WaN, Play station

Boss Smart android projector uses DLP technology, DLP technology offers a clear and crisp picture quality and also has good contrast with a mirror image. This smart android projector is very lightweight thus allow you to easily mount the projector on the ceiling or you can easily mount the projector on the tripod stand. The projector has 6000 lumens lamp with a life of 50000hrs which allows you to enjoy more years without changing the lamp Bulb.