Best 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity India 2021

  • 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity with SL Track Massage
  • Longest Reaching Rollers
  • 79 Air Bags are attached on this 4D Massage Chair
  • Various massage technique includes Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing and Vibration
  • 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage
  • Improve Blood Circulation in Foot Soles & Calves
  • Special X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility
  • 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty




About Best 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity India 2021

After working for hours our body needs relaxation to kick out the stress, the user uses different-different methods to de-stress like sleeping, taking a hot shower and some of us also visits massage centers, visiting massage centers will be costly and may be difficult for you to travel, having a massage will be a better option I think. Massage chairs offer different massage mode user can easily from. Easy to use control panel is attached to the arm of the zero-gravity 4D massage chair.

JSB MZ21 Zero Gravity 4D Massage chair offer includes the following massage combination that is Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing and Vibration; Zero Gravity Space Saving Design; Bluetooth Music Sync with Speakers.

JSB MZ21 Zero gravity massage chair has the largest roller reach as it covers your back. shoulder to hips. The automatic shoulder height and back width detection feature of this massage chair detects the should height and back width and adjust the rollers according to target the acupuncture points.

JSB 4d Full body massage chair zero gravity comes with airbags, which presses your shoulder, hips, foot, calf and provides full-body pain relief. JSB massage chair zero gravity with recliner is also effective in lactic acid as it presses the lactic acid out of the muscles, applying pressure on the muscles also result in good blood circulation also help in full-body relaxation, effective in pain relief.

JSB 4D  Full body massage chair with zero gravity can be controlled wirelessly with the help of a remote or you can use simple push-button control panel attached to the arm of the massage chair. JSB MZ21 massage chair is suitable for all age groups all types.

Full body Shiatsu massage chair is equipped with an adjustable height footrest, the height of the footrest is adjusted automatically according to the height of the user. Built-in Bluetooth speaker delivers quality sound and enhances the massage experience. JSB Massage chair comes with a 1-year warranty


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