Best Back Massage Cushion with Heat USA 2021

  • 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu massage
  • 4 rotation nodes to provide deep kneading massages
  • Adjustable Rolling & Spot Massage
  • Optional Heat & Adjustable Air Massage
  • Adjustable 3 intensity settings are available.
  • Best for Upper and lower back


About Best Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion with Heat USA  2021

Comfier shiatsu neck and back massager has 4 unique shiatsu massage nodes, Back Massage Cushion with Heat provides effective massage on the neck, back, waist, and thigh. These unique massage nodes have bidirectional rotation which is designed to deliver deep tissue massage. The position of the massage nodes can be adjusted according to specific demand.

Comfier Shiatsu neck and back massage cushion with heat is capable of providing 2D and 3D massage. Shiatsu Back and neck massage has innovative technology, unique massage nodes provide finger pressure massage on the targeted points, shiatsu finger pressure massage is generated by the inward and outward motion.

Comfier shiatsu chair massager pad also provides air massage to your waist, massage chair pad comes with 3 intensity levels, users can easily choose any of the intensity levels according to their requirements. Airbag uses cyclical pressure to compress the muscles of your waist, hip, and thigh and helps in pain relief. This Shiatsu back massager also has an infrared heat function designed to deliver soothing heat to kick out muscle tension.

Shiatsu Neck and back massager is easy to clean, it comes with a detachable and washable cover. This back and neck massager provides soft rolling massage along your spine, the width of the massage heads can be adjusted according to the back width of the different person. Shiatsu back massager allows users to choose between full back, upper back, or lower back, to get the message on the desired area. The massage cushion also has a spot massage feature to concentrate the message on a particular point and help you in back relief.

The best thing about the chair massager pad is that you can enjoy it any time anywhere, you can use it at your home while sitting on the chair or at the time of reclining on the sofa reading your fav books or enjoying your favorite TV shows.