Best Back Massager with Heat for Chair India 2021

  • Shiatsu massage target accupressure points
  • Kneading massage realigns collagen fibers and applies deep pressure to provide more relax , remove muscles stress
  • Back massager with heat function
  • Adjustable neck height feature
  • Seat with 3 vibration setting
  • Remote to control the strength of roller and seat vibration
  • Back massager with heat function, improve blood circulation and remove muscle stress
  • 1 year national warranty


JSB HF64 Back Massager with heat Machine for Neck Shoulder Pain Relief Review

Kneading is the process of applying deep pressure and compressing underlying muscles, result in the breakdown of muscles and realign collagen fibers. Collagen fibers help in building muscle tissue and add more strength to the muscles. Kneading massager increases blood flow due to vasodilation and capillarization, widen blood cells also increases the number of the cells allowing
more cellular exchange.

Kneading used for

-deeper and underlying tissue to relieve tightness
-stretching muscles fibers to increase muscle flexibility

Benefits of kneading massage

Decreased tension
Increased flexibility and range of movement
Decrease in muscle pain

Kneading helps in decreasing muscle tension as it stimulates the muscle fiber and allows more flexibility to the muscle fibers massage interferes with pain signal and doesn’t let this signal to the brain ensures a decrease in muscle pain.

shiatsu means finger pressure- JSB HF64 back and neck massager uses rhythmic pressure on a targeted point on the body, these points are also known as acupressure point. when JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine applies pressure on the acupressure points on the body promotes energy flow and help in disharmonies throughout the user’s body also provide a relaxing experience, relieve stress.

Adjustable Height feature of the back massager with a one-touch button allows the user to vertically adjust the neck massager nodes to different heights to suit you best. Full back roller with heat function softens tight back muscles, relaxing back muscles, and improves blood circulation.

This portable back massager with heat is very easy to use, users can easily use this portable back massager for neck and back pain while following their regular activities at home like sitting and watching movies, at the time of reading, while driving, or at the time of working in the office.

The compact and slim design of the back massager easily fits any chair or car seat. JSB massager for back pain comes offers seat vibration massage with 3 vibration setting, users can easily select any of the seat vibration settings as per desire with the remote. JSB back massager with heat for back pain comes with 1 Year National Warranty



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