Best Budget Projector in India 2021

  • Built-in speaker
  • 1280 x 720 Native Resolution
  • ┬áConnect – TV (Set Top Box), Fire TV Stick, PC/ Laptop, DVD, Play Station etc.
  • LED- Life Long Lamp + 30000 Hours Life
  • Digital zoom with x and y axis control
  • 1 year extended warranty card.


Best Budget Projector in India 2021

Egate I9 Projector is the most desired and Best Budget Projector in India and has a decade of expertise in the field of projection technology. Egate also offers Doorstep pick and drop service. Egate I9 projector HD 720 native resolution, better brightness, and bigger screen size of 120″.

Egate I9 Projector has a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function. It looks through the content and automatically scales the image to the natural aspect ratio or switch back to native projector aspect ratio i.e. 16:9. If the content is not in that form. You can also change it manually as per your desire.

Egate I9 Projector has 921000 pixels, making the Projector capable enough to project three times sharper images than any other projector.The Digital zoom-in and out feature allows the user to project the image conveniently on the screen without disturbing the projector holder.

Keystone Correction Feature- 15-degree keystone correction feature is also available on the Projector. The function of the keystone correction feature is to get the rectangular image on the screen. Egate I9 projector has ample brightness of 2100L, which help Projector, which bright enough for room, class or a small office.

The Projector can be used as a front or rear Projector to place the Projector in front of the screen or behind the screen. This Projector is more than a home cinema, and the Projector is video game compatible; you can enjoy games also.

This Projector has gone through a high-quality control test, i.e., seven hours burn, 3 Ft. Drop test ensures negligible failure rate and BIS certified. Egate also offers 3 level support. If you face any problem, you can live chat, call, or use app-based help.

Egate supports full HD 1080p and has a built-in speaker to get quality sound, audio out cable is also provided that allows you to use an external speaker to more loud should. Projector has a big bright screen of 120″ and has HDMI and 2 USB ports that ensure you enjoy Fire TV stick, now watch your favorite serial on a big screen. This Egate Projector comes with a 1-year warranty.


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