Best Foot Spa Massager Machine India 2021

  • Foot spa massager is equipped with 8 strong mannual rollers
  • Heating technology water temperature can be set from 35-48℃.
  • Digital Panel is easy to understand
  • Anti-Slip handle for easy movement
  • Foot spa massager is shock proof
  • Infrared Water heat to kill germs
  • Foot Spa massager machine has Stylish & elegant appearance
  • Drain pipe is provided to remove dirty water


Lifelong electric foot spa massager review

Lifelong foot spa massager machine is portable and lightweight, comes with 8 rollers that stimulate targeted pressure point that ensures relief insole stress and helps in improving blood circulation and provides instant comfort, these rollers are powerful enough to handle any weight. Foot Spa massager offers quick and effective tub’s heating technology which helps the user to get hot water within few minutes

Digital panel is attached to the massager, allows users to control the heat and bubble that helps in getting rid of joint and muscle stiffness. This heat and bubble massager will give you the feeling of a sauna bath. In-built heating technology can heat the water up to 35-48, hot water helps soften the hard area of the feet.

Timer button is also attached to the digital control panel, foot spa massager machine equipped with infrared light features emits energy that kills germs and bacteria that are on your feet. After using this foot spa machine you can easily get rid of this used water or in case you want to add some fresh water to make this task easier lifelong foot spa massager comes with a drainage pipe.

This Foot spa massager machine is very lightweight which allows users to easily carry it around, Foot spa massager is equipped with an anti-slip handle that reduces the chance of a slip or dropping it. Lifelong foot spa massager comes with a digital display panel with various functions like timer, temperature setting, bubble massager, and infrared light, temperature setting allows the user to increase and decrease the temp of the water Foot spa massager comes with a 1-year warranty.

Foot Spa Massager Machine Benefits:-

  • Long working hours may lead to headaches and migraines, Foot reflexology technology can help you in relieving migraines and headaches by simply massaging your feet.
  • Foot spa massager can help you bottle up negative emotions that you carry throughout the day and result in reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Foot spa massager comes with a foot roller which helps in regulating good blood circulation.


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