Best Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion for Chair USA 2021

  • High-quality Fabric Design and¬†breathable mesh fabric design
  • Shiatsu massager has 3 adjustable speeds
  • 4 Powerful 3D Massage Nodes automatically changes direction
  • Infrared heating feature
  • Deep tissue kneading massage
  • 15-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety


Topic:- Best Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion for Chair USA 2021

Pillion Neck and shoulder massage pillows are designed to deliver relaxing massage on your tight muscles and provide you luxurious massage experience. This ergonomically designed neck massager pillow is designed to merge with the outline of your body and fits perfectly on your body.

You can use this electric neck and shoulder massage pillow to massage your neck, back, shoulder, abdomen, and thigh area. This massager is very portable you can use it any time and anywhere whether you are at home following your daily routine like reading, reclining on a sofa, sitting on a chair or watching your favorite movies, or sitting on the chair working in the office or traveling in your car. Adjustable Strap is provided in pillow massager, strap helps the massage pillow to retain its position

pillion back massage cushion is equipped with 4 massage nodes that are designed to deliver powerful circular kneading massage on your muscles, massage exactly mimics the massage of a professional therapist. Massage cushion also allows you to get the customized message. Users can change the speed and direction of the massage nodes.

This Shiatsu back massage cushion is equipped with an infrared heat feature, heating feature of the massage pillow provides a kneading heat massage combination on the affected area and helps muscles ache.

Pillow massager comes with 15-min auto turn feature if the massager is on and you are not using it then the shiatsu back massage cushion will automatically turn off after 15-min, 3D massage node automatically changes its direction every minute. 3 Adjustable speed are provided that allow a user to control the amount of massage pressure required to relieve you muscle pain

High-Quality breathable fabric is used in this back massage cushion to provide you softer touch sense, High-grade Fabric used is durable enough to last for years.