Best Shiatsu Heating Massage Pad for Chair USA 2021

  • Full body back massager with heat
  • Smoothing heat and seat vibration
  • Adjustable massage pillow
  • Easy to clean fabric is used
  • Customized back massage option
  • 8 deep kneading & shiatsu back massage nodes
  • 3 levels of adjustable intensity
  • 15 Minutes Auto Shut off Timer
  • Shiatsu Massage and Rolling Relaxation with Heating



About Best Shiatsu Heating Massage Pad for Chair USA 2021

RENPHO massage chair pad comes with a unique massage pillow, massage pillow fits perfectly to your back and can be adjusted vertically up to 4.8 inches i.e  21.6 inches to  26.5 inches according to the different back height. A removable and washable polyurethane cover is used which soft and durable designed to protect your neck during the massage sessions. Soft and breathable fabric is used in the interior. Fabric is easy to clean and easy to use. Luxurious leather is used to design the exteriors of the seat massager. More about Best Shiatsu Heating Massage Pad for Chair USA 2021

This full body shiatsu massage pad contains 8 massager nodes situated at the back of the massager which moves up and down. These massage nodes apply pressure to the targeted muscles of your upper and lower back. Users can choose between full back, upper back, or lower back and can target a particular area for pin-point relaxation or a particular zone to get a massage.

This shiatsu back and neck massager also has a heat feature. The heating feature of the Shiatsu back massager is designed to deliver heat massage on your back and neck and helps in relaxing your tense muscles of your full back, neck, and lumbar. Shiatsu Back and neck seat massager comes with 3 levels of vibration intensities which help to relax your thighs and hips muscles, user can choose any of the intensities as per requirement.
Note:- Heat function is only available on the back, There is no heat function on the seat.

Shiatsu massage pad for chair comes with an overheating protection feature, if the heat generated is more than the required heat then it automatically turned off. Hence reducing the risk of burning.

Shiatsu Back and neck heating massage pad for chair has  15 minutes automatic turn off feature, Back massager or seat massager automatically turned off after 15 minutes of Continuous use, hence it helps in saving the electricity and make the seat massager safer to use.