Best Shiatsu Vibrating Neck Massage Pillow USA 2021

  •  3D rotating massage nodes
  • Ergonomic design fits perfectly behind neck and shoulder, lower- & upper-back and thigh
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable Elastic Stap
  • Versatile Dust Cloth
  • 100% Copper Motor
  • 3 layer breathable durable mesh cloth


Topic:- Best Shiatsu Vibrating Neck Massage Pillow USA 2021

Shiatsu neck massage pillow has powerful 3D rotating massage node that provides deep kneading massage to overused and tight muscles. 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage make you feel like you are getting a massage from a professional massage therapist hands. Massage nodes automatically change their directions i.e. forward and reverse during each massage session.

Kneading massage pillow comes with heating function, massager delivers a combination of heat and kneading massage to aching muscles. The heating function is optional user can easily turn on and off with a simple press of a button. Massage cushion also improves the blood circulation of the massage area, smooth tired muscles, and relieve aches thoroughly.

This ergonomic design massage cushion fits perfectly on your back, neck, and shoulder. You can also use this massage pillow to target the upper back, lower back calf, and thighs or abdomen area.

Part of the vibrationg neck and back massager that comes in contact with the human body is wrapped with a versatile dust cloth, This versatile cloth is easy to clean as a user can easily remove the cloth, it prevents the heating area to become too warm,  3 layers breathable, and durable mesh cloth is used, this mesh cloth allows air to flow through the contoured area and avoid excess heat generation. Removable dust cover is durable and soft, it also avoids friction and discomfort caused due to long-term use.

Users can use this massage whether they are at home sitting on a chair, or watching their favorite tv shows, using it as a lumbar pillow while working in the office or at the time of driving, Free car adaptor is provided, Adjustable elastic strap allows you to easily mount it onto the car seat and allow the user to use this portable massager at the time of driving.

This vibrating neck massage pillow is equipped with overheat protection feature, overheat protection feature ensures the massager temperature doesn’t rise beyond the required temperature. High-quality comfortable foam is used in the massage pillow. This massage pillow is the best solution for those who are suffering from back and neck pain