Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy USA 2021

Topic: Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy USA 2021

What is Social Media Marketing?
The practice of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to promote your products and services with the intention of generating more sales and building your online community is known as social media marketing.

How social media marketing helps you in growing your business online ?

Helps in creating Brandawareness
– Business around the globe uses social media marketing to create brand awareness among the people as it allows you to reach more and more people .

Helps in generating more sales
– Businesses uses social media platforms to sell their products and services

Helps in Building Online communities
– Running paid campaign on social media platforms not only helps you to generate sale but it also helps you in building your online community, people who sees your advertisement or your posts on social media start following you if they find it valuable and interesting.

What are social media marketing strategies ?
Social media strategy is a process of setting a goal that you want to achieve through social platforms. It includes the tactics that will help you to increase sale, generating leads, engagement or interaction of customer across social media.

Successful social media marketing strategy that you should implement-

1. Try to collect more and more information about your audience
Social media platform like FB provides a free tool (Audience insight) which helps you to find out all the required information or the data that you should know before creating ads and target them or creating content for them.

Before targeting you audience you must know things like –
Age, Location, average income, Typical job title or industry.

1. Interests

Social media analytics help you to find out their interest, age, location, average income, their job title and how your customers interact with your brand on social media. All these factors will help you to refine your targeted audience and help you to get better  results.

2. Know your comptetion
It may be possible that your comptetions are already using social platforms to grow their business and the good part is you can mimic the strategies that they are using.

Comptetive analysis will allow you to understand what is expected in your business also helps you in finding the more opportunities. This will help you to set social media goals for yourself

Social media listening is one of the best way best way to keep eye on your comptetion. Here is how you can do social media listening  type the name of your comptetion in the search box, account handles and other relevant keywords checkout what type of content they are posting also check the check out how people are reacting,  what audience are saying about it. Several social media management tool like Hootsuite  are available for making social listening easy.

3. Perform social audit on regular basis –

Check for imposter account on various social platforms, these type of account can be very harmful for your business, if you find any then immediately ask the support to remove or ban thta account

Question that you should ask yourself
what is working and what’s not ?
which platform your audience uses the most ?
Compare you social media presence with you competitors media presence

After gathering all the information you are ready to find out the ways to improve your performance